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Linen is fabric we use so much in our daily lives isn’t it?
Bed sheets, curtains, tapestries and huge variety of clothes to name just a few.

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Linen is woven from flax plant the stems of this plant naturally produce a fiber that gives linen it distinctive and well-loved quality and texture. Flax plants are grown in many countries and all the linen in our stunning array of products comes from flax plants that have been grown and woven in Europe, Belarus and Russia.

Flax plants are low input plants so don’t require as much fertilizer and pesticide as many other similar crops. This also makes flax plants a very renewable energy source and with a short growing cycle linen can be produced quite quickly.

Flax plant fibers are also incredibly strong and even more absorbent than what is often considered their biggest rival cotton. This can be seen when you compare their production as the production of linen use 5 to 20 times less water and energy to produce when compared to cotton and other man-made fibers.

Unlike many alternative fabrics linen actually
gets stronger if it gets wet due to its molecular structure.

Properties of Linen Fibres


Due to the parallel arrangements of linen’s fibres are stronger than many other similar materials including cotton and wool.


Linen is very long lasting, durable, and naturally has antifungal and antibacterial properties.


Linen is also getting softer every time it goes through a machine wash.


All our high-quality linen products will not fade and there’s no risk of the colors bleeding during a wash.

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How to care for Linen

You just purchased your first Linen product? Don't worry; we're here to help. 


Linen is getting softer every time it goes through a machine wash. Wash it on low temperatures
and gentle machine cycle. 


Line drying in the shade is the best for linen,
but if you want to tumble dry, do it
at a low temperature.


Linen is beautiful just the way it is. If you really feel that your linens need some ironing, use hot setting. High heat and plenty of steam are essential for ironing linen.